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  1. Helen Taylor says:

    Dear Marie,
    I came to see you a month ago with overwhelming feelings of guilt and despair of not doing enough for my mother who had recently passed.
    In just one hour you did more for me than any doctor, councillor or any amount of pills could do. I was worried that you wouldn’t mention my mum, but you did, and what you said made perfect sense and immediately those feelings which had been eating me up inside passed.
    I thank you with all my heart for giving me hope, peace and a way forward .
    I’m also glad you suggested recording the session , I have listened to it several times and whenever I feel low I listen to your words and a feeling of calm surrounds me.
    Love, blessings and thanks for sharing your gift with others
    Helen xxx

  2. Jeff says:

    Hi Marie,
    I just wanted to say thank you for the reading on Wednesday evening; it was very special. You have a lovely, friendly way about you which put me at ease and I was pleased that the reading wasn’t reactive to my asking questions, but was more for me to listen with interaction as appropriate. You did ask me at the end if I had any questions to which I said no, as pretty much all the questions I had were answered during the reading.
    I have been thinking about what was said a great deal since Wednesday, as I wanted things to sink in more before I wrote this email. I think it is fair to say that I understand more and certain parts make more sense now. I was very pleased to hear that Karen was well and seemed to be sorting things out with her Mum, and that she was with her dogs.
    I took a great deal of comfort home with me know that I have a ‘good team’ to help and look after me, and I am sure I will draw a great deal of comfort going forward.
    Thank you again.

  3. Martin says:

    Thank you for my reading this morning was very good spot on have recommended you to a few . Will most definitely see you again myself. Thank you very much

  4. Marisa says:

    Absolutely amazing! So loving, so genuine, so precise and so comforting…Marie is so open and in tune with Spirit. I felt so safe with her readings and trusted her energy. Marie works from the heart and I could really feel that. Her readings helped me so much and gave me the clarity and confirmations I needed at the time. I really am very grateful and appreciate Marie and Spirit very very much. Thank you! xx

  5. Laura says:

    Excellent friendly and spot on. My meeting with Marie really helped me with the grieving process of a loved one who was gone too soon. I can’t thank you enough xx

  6. Anon says:

    A genuine lady who gave me a very authentic reading which I had been thinking of having done for some time. After seeing Marie I wished I had been to visit her sooner as she made me feel comfortable and the reading helped me very much with my grief xx

  7. Lisa says:

    Has an amazing reading from Marie exactly what I needed at the right time, thank you so much Marie your brilliant xx

  8. Esmee says:

    Can I Just say a huge thank you to Marie, her reading was spot on and I can’t thank her enough, she was amazing!

  9. Trevor David says:

    I have just received a reading from Marie and could relate to all of it. My grandmother came through and offered some sage advice. Marie was able to tune into my essence and see what was going on in my life and how I can move forward. Thank you Marie <3

    Sending much love and blessings

    – Trevor

  10. Alan Ford says:

    Thank you Marie, I rarely let my guard right down but 1 minute in and i knew i was in good hands, seems you knew me a lot better than i knew myself, i’m looking forward to striding on with more purpose, and making that prediction come true, amazing lady, amazing advise, and %100 i’ll be back for more in the future.

    Thanks again x


  11. Paulette says:

    Hi Marie

    I had a reading with you yesterday. I was carried away by spirit subjects.
    I said the prayer you gave me last night and today. I felt really good last night and slept well.
    Thank you for your help yesterday and advise.

    Many thanks

  12. Phil says:

    Photo reading
    Thank you very much that was a lovely reading it has comfort me enormously many thanks

  13. Harry says:

    Re: 3 Questions email reading:

    Wow that just blew me away Marie x

  14. Ads says:

    Hi Marie,
    Thank you for yesterday ( psychic party ).
    Everyone enjoyed it .
    Many thanks

  15. Anon says:

    Hi Marie. Thank you for my email reading. It’s actually spot on, you couldn’t be closer in what you said. It’s always nice to receive a something so positive so thank you for that, really needed it today.

  16. Best Wishes says:

    Thanks Marie, I work with children and I find it so rewarding. I also am going on a couple of courses with work which I think will help me in my job. I am not in a relationship at the moment , but have definitely been learning a lot about myself over the last few years. I do feel like your reading is spot on and I look forward to seeing positive changes in my life.
    Thank you

  17. Karen says:

    Thank you so much Marie,

    You are an exceptional woman and I am extremely grateful for you time, insight and advice.

    Blessings from my heart to yours xx

  18. Leanne says:

    Leanne: Photo reading

    Wow. I nearly clicked on another mediums page and it kept not connecting I knew it was a sign not to go to her. You are so accurate on a lot you have made me cry x

  19. Paul says:

    Dear Marie,
    I was thinking about you, and reading and reading again what you have written since we got in contact. You have been always right. It’s amazing how you have such amazing talent.

    I wanted to express you my gratitude, and I can only express my hope and wish you will assist me further on this life-path, with your stunning insights. You’ve made a difference in my life. Thank YOU!

    Wishing you a wonderful sunday,

  20. Wendy says:

    I’ve only had email readings with Marie but she is very insightful and straight to the point. She can pick up on other people’s characters and seems to know and even understand the situation you are in. Her answer time is very quick and she genuinely seems to care and puts a lot of thought into her answers. I find it amazing and it must be what her guides are showing her. One of her predictions for me have come true and I’m sure her other predictions will come true. You just need to follow her advice. She doesn’t sugar coat anything. I’m sure Marie is the only psychic I will turn to from now on whenever I need guidance. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
    Thank you very much Marie

  21. Emily says:

    Thank you so much. I highly recommend you x

  22. Jeff says:

    Thank you Marie for the insight and advise. It made me think deeper and consider the more important things in life especially family.

    God Bless always.


  23. Aleksandra says:

    Marie, Thank you for the brilliant reading today, I feel so much better
    Love and Light. Aleksandra Xx

  24. Dee says:

    Marie has done a number of readings for me over the past 2 years. I found alot of comfort in the first reading she did for me after losing my dad (- it was like he was literally stood in the room talking to her!) and i have gone back to her regularly ever since. Each time her accuracy continues to surprise me, I feel she really gets the personal touches of spirit that come through and her guidance is always constructive and very positive. I’ve never had a face to face reading with Marie, she always does email readings for me and her response time is exceptional. If you’ve never had a reading or are in two minds about having one – I’d definitely recommend Marie, she has such an incredible gift and it could be all you need to open your eyes or change your direction.”

    Thanks again Marie, it’s appreciated very much. xxx

  25. cathy says:

    Hello Marie,

    I just wanted to write and thank you for last night. Everyone loved it and were really impressed with their readings. Some parts of everyone’s readings were so accurate and specific to them that you really blew us all away!
    My husband was a complete skeptic before you came in, now he can not stop talking about it and wants to know when we can have our next reading, hopefully a longer one next time!
    You came across in such a caring and sensitive way and we really hope to see you again in the future!

    Thanks so much again,
    Cathy and friends!

  26. Katie says:

    Hi Marie thank-you so much for my reading today! It was amazing to here my nan and grandad come through and thank-you so much for awnsering my dilemma,

    Would definitely recommend thank-you again Katie xx

  27. Karina says:

    Hi Marie

    Thank you. Yes my Dad. Died February 1st this year. Likely to say he is my grandfather in jest! Your reading has brought me reassurance for which I am very grateful. It must be wonderful to have your gift.

    Kind regards


  28. Gloria says:

    Dear Marie
    Thank you so much for your reading, you are so right Pete thought he could fight his cancer. He was from Ireland and a plasterer by trade a mighty worker as his friends would say.
    I am so pleased he will wait for me & that he loves me, when you have cared for someone for 20 odd years it’s difficult to let go. I am so pleased he’s happy, & I know he’s with his family & hopefully mine as well.
    Thank you so much once more Marie, I feel now I can get on with my life knowing that he will be waiting for me.
    Love & light
    Gloria x


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