Mediumship Explained

What is Mediumship?

Mediumship is bringing the two worlds together. When done through love, the medium is able to connect with your loved ones, guides and helpers from the world of spirit and prove that they are still watching over us.

Guides and helpers

We all have guides and helpers who watch over us from the moment we are born. They are with us to give us the guidance along our own pathway so we can create the best way of living our earthly lives.

Why a medium?

For those who find themselves at a point in their lives and are unable to see a way forward Marie, with the help of your loved ones and guides, is able to bring positive changes to you.


Marie with her clairvoyance and mediumship abilities, will do her very best to offer you the appropriate guidance for your situation.

Remember you will always have your freedom of choice.

Spiritual Readings

Spiritual Readings are a form of spirit communication, which can be done on a one to one basis, or from a spiritual platform to a congregation. It is always an experiment when we communicate with the spirit world, results can never be guaranteed.

Every communication should be a pleasant experience where you are provided with evidence of survival after physical death. A spiritual reading will not predict your future, it will try to prove life continues in the spirit world and hopefully give you evidence of the communicator, with a description and details about the character along with maybe memories shared and dates of birthdays, passings or anything special.

Spirit people work within the natural laws of love and truth, therefore they will never tell you anything bad that will upset or worry you. We cannot make anyone communicate with you; they will decide when the time is right for them. If you have a strong desire to contact one particular person in the spirit world it can have a blocking effect on the communication.

If however, you accept other friends or loved ones, this will usually open the door to enable communication to be made with the person you want. Always keep an open mind and look not just at close family that have passed away. It could be family that passed over before you were born, close friends, neighbours or schoolmates, indeed, anyone who has touched you or your family’s lives

Upcoming events

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Treat someone you love to a 121 reading with Marie. 



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Host your own Workshop

Marie can come to your home or venue and teach for you. Just get a group of like minded friends (Min of 6 people) that want to learn any aspect of Psychic development, Mediumship, or Healing or Meditation. Please contact Marie for more details. This has proved very popular for workshops this year for those who can not travel to Marie's workshops.

Telephone or Skype Readings

Have a reading with Marie from the comfort of your own home will be private and confidential. Marie has many years of experience of telephone readings and is fast becoming one of the the most sort after readers, she has many years of experience and clients regularly come back to her.

Legal Disclaimer (Please read carefully)

Please be aware that when attending a function with a Marie, she will do her very best to bring your loved ones through and bring evidence of their survival, which may include a glimpse of spirit as to your overall situation at this time. You will be taking full responsibility for your own actions and not as a result to the reading given, therefore: 
In accordance with the UK Law the reading given must be for entertainment only

Are you looking for a Spiritual teacher & Intensive workshops in your own country?

Marie is now looking for venues outside the UK. Marie has worked and taught in Spain and Canada for many years and is now looking to extend her teaching to other countries that are interested in learning how to develop your own spiritual gifts with like minded people. Beginner to advanced level. Please contact Marie for more information. Marie has a wonderful team of highly experience tutors that she can bring with her if needed.